10 Slices

The next best thing after sliced bread, are 10 slices of website!

As a startup, or even as a small business owner, the cost of a website can be daunting. You need it to launch your new brilliant business idea, but without a large savings account or a rich uncle, it can be a substantial burden on your finances.

We offer you to slice your project up into 10 manageable instalments, so you can spread out your cost. The cost of the project is irrelevant in this regard. We give you a quote and an official proposal, as we normally will, and divide it by 10.

We ‘own’ the site until the final instalment has been paid. Then you are free to take it, and host it anywhere you like.


  • The first 1/10th has to be paid upfront, to initiate the project. Terms of delivery and launch date to be negotiated case by case. We have to factor in ongoing projects, production time etc.
  • The remaining instalments have to be paid punctually every month. If failing in doing so, you risk the project to be terminated. We hate to see a project go, but so it has to be.
  • If a project is cancelled, either by you or us, there will be no refund.
  • We host the site, once launched, on our servers or hosting instance, until full payment has been completed. We do not give full admin access to site, server or code during this period.
  • Support Plan* is mandatory during the whole period.

*The minimum is the BASIC Plan. See our Support Plan page

Isn’t this delicious?