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Poetic prostitutes, poet-prostitutes, eh what?

Who gets to look at scantily clad women in my working time? Me! I do! :)  This is a client I look (see what I did there?) forward to work with, if for nothing else, then for the great events and happenings, they are organising and the recitals of poetry. The world needs a little more of this. Soft golden, dreaming, flying, floating words, drifting over land and seascapes, caressing the ears and minds ... Ah well, I digress ..

So why? Lo and behold, it's another case of a Wordpress site, where the webdesigner/responsible person has gone AWOL (nearly), and stopped taking calls.

Sea Barcelona

Now, this is a site, I had particularly fun working with, as I'm part of the project! Sometimes opportunities arise out of the blue [water], most unexpectantly, and you just go with it. This is such an occasion. I like to sail (did I mention that in About?), and this friend contacts me in late September, and asks if I can help him out with a cruise. He needs someone to crew with him for a daytrip. One thing leads to another, so a couple of daytrips later, asks me if we should be more serious about it.

The Bike Club

It has been a while. A busy late summer and Fall came in the way, and Christmas is coming up! Recently I did a bit of charity in the form of bringing a Wordpress site back to life. 

A friend of mine has a bicycle shop in Barcelona called The Bike Club. A very personal and interesting little shop if you are into things on two wheels. But this is not the story. The story is about their website. This website was working well in the beginning, but what happened? There's no prize if you have already guessed the 'webdesigner' 'vanished form the face of the Earth'.
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