Poetic prostitutes, poet-prostitutes, eh what?

Who gets to look at scantily clad women in my working time? Me! I do! :)  This is a client I look (see what I did there?) forward to work with, if for nothing else, then for the great events and happenings, they are organising and the recitals of poetry. The world needs a little more of this. Soft golden, dreaming, flying, floating words, drifting over land and seascapes, caressing the ears and minds ... Ah well, I digress ..

So why? Lo and behold, it's another case of a Wordpress site, where the webdesigner/responsible person has gone AWOL (nearly), and stopped taking calls. As a result the site has not been updated for over six months, which is a shame. So, they have asked me to help them out. Not crazy about the Wordpress details in this, but what don't you do for poetic, scantily clad women in distress?

You can find them here: http://prostibulopoetico.com/

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