Sea Barcelona

Now, this is a site, I had particularly fun working with, as I'm part of the project! Sometimes opportunities arise out of the blue [water], most unexpectantly, and you just go with it. This is such an occasion. I like to sail (did I mention that in About?), and a friend calls me in late September, and asks if I can help him out with a cruise. He needs someone to crew with him for a daytrip. One thing leads to another, so a couple of daytrips later, asks me if we should get more serious about it, as in try to create a business? What If we set it up as a 7 days a week operation, and advertised it, had a website for it etcetera? "You are a web dude, aren't you"? ....
So, here we are. The site is now launched, last week, and we are SO excited to get started! Let's see where this little 'startup' can take it, but if I'm right, it will be carried by the wind, over an ocean, to an island far, far away ....
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