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Ready, Set, Go ...

In June we launched the new website for DFU - Dansk Faldskærms Union (Danish Parachute Association). The task was both exciting and a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of content on that site. A lot, really!

DFU represents approx. 3300 members, and is the umbrella association for all parachute clubs in Denmark, of which there are surprisingly many for such a small country. There were obviously many opinions about the site's design, and the primary purpose, as all members feel an ownership of the association.

Frontpage from

Energy efficiency

During the autumn, I got this 'distress call' from my friend Catriona: "My webhost has sent me a letter of termination. They are going out of business, and are going to shut down the server. What do I do? Can you help me migrate my site, or ...?"

I already helped transferring the domain to Gandi at some point, and migrate all the mail onto Google Apps for Business, so I was familiar with her website: an age-old Joomla, with a theme, that didn't leave much possibilities for improvements.

The Kalispera project

Apart from a long friendship with Dr. Mireia Cid, we also have a long working relationship, which started with me helping her purchasing affordable Windows laptops, to help her out with her first website on Google Sites (yikes!!!), which I would only recommend to someone with no desire to live. No wonder she could not get it working! But, we have all been there, one way or the other. I have the greatest admiration for entrepreneurs, who work with what they are handed.



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