Hi, my name is Christian

I work mostly as a one-man-band / freelancer with web projects. I have a background in system administration in the Windows world. This is primarily a technical world, where troubleshooting and faffing with network and switches, routers, servers, desktops and peripherals such as printers, IP phones etc. keeps you busy. I have also worked as consultant in IT security, specializing in F-Secure antivirus products (if you ever need to ask me about antivirus, this is it!) and supporting small and large organisations in proper use and protection. This was back in the days, when a polymorph virus could spread around the globe inside 15 minutes. Remember "ILOVEYOU"?

It is not because I suffer from illeism, or consider myself a royal, when I use the term "we" on this site. When I need more than a pair of hands, and other skills, than currently in my toolbox, I collaborate with other programmers and designers, thus not having to function within the limitation of my own creativity. Therefore you will often see me utilize the term "we" throughout this site.

  • 17 years experience +/-
  • Drupal fan
  • I am S@ilor on drupal.org
  • Danish born and bred
  • Live & work in Barcelona

"La profesionalidad de Christian es el punto distintivo de sus servicios. La atención al detalle, la limpieza del código, la funcionalidad, el asesoramiento en el post... es lo que marca la diferencia entre nuestra web y las demás. Se llama calidad."

Dr. med.comm. Miriea Cid, Kalispera

Some years ago I was in need of a website to promote my IT services, and started to look around. Having previously touched it briefly, and once set up a Typo3 CMS (it was barely a CMS), I thought I should be able to do this myself. My eyes fell upon Drupal, having very quickly dismissed Wordpress, and I set to work. I discovered a sense of satisfaction with my work, I had not felt in a long time. I liked the instant result, and the visual feedback. I learn something new almost every week. It is endlessly interesting.

I started to help out friends with their websites (plus all the other things, you are ALWAYS asked about). This turned into the first client, then the next, and so on. The portfolio is growing.

Today I have a focus on being onestop provider of useful web solutions for small and medium sized clients. From the very first contact and first project briefing, to the launch to production, and beyond. The work doesn't stop with the delivery of the website, but continues with maintaining and oiling the machine it is.

Depending on the size of a project, and other requirements, I can employ the help from brilliant people, with skills in design, branding, storytelling, programming and SEO. From the small personal website, to larger content-heavy organisational sites, to e-commerce solutions. Let me help you get started!

"So many people have commented on how impressive my new website is, and it’s all thanks to WebDecide. They took a really creative approach to developing the website. Christian made sure he’d captured all my requirements and introduced me to other innovative options I hadn’t thought of in order to optimise my web presence. The new website is a huge contrast to the old, dated website I had before. I can even update the content myself, thanks to the web-management training session that was also included in the service. The service was top quality and for a very reasonable price. I’m so grateful to Christian for the way he has managed to capture the essence of my website concept, and for the patience he showed to my evolving requirements through the design process."

- Catriona McAlister, Sea Green Tree